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Welcome to the Site!

This site is constantly changing, just to let you know. Members will come and go and so will the role play pages. All pages are ready to be joined! You should probably ask me or another person to catch up on the page so you don't end up in the middle knowing nothing of it. You can be any one and do almost anything. I just have a few rules that you have to follow below.


Be kind to everyone. If you aren't, I can delete you. I'm not afraid to if you are disrespecting any one.

Read the blog updates regularly to be informed on new things going on. 

The administrators are Diana, AC, and Cole. You can talk to them or me if you have any problems or questions. 

Thanks for joining!!! XD



1. You may play as many people as you want.

2. No sexually or detailed dating or other stuff involving two people. Do NOT get to creepy!

3. Be nice to everyone. Disrespect and fighting will NOT be tolerated.

4. If some one has a name already taken on that role play, you can not use it. You can use it on a different role play or use the same name on two or more role plays if you want. Who ever has the name first, gets to use the name ON THAT role play. Also you may request to use that name if you REALLY want it.

5. Have fun! XD


NOTICE: If you do not follow these rules or breack them you will be warned once and then you will be deleted.

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